Studio Etiquette

Always remove your shoes before entering the yoga room. There will be a designated place for you to leave them. Yoga is practiced in bare feet, so take your socks off as well. 


Turn your cell phone off or simply don’t bring it into the room. At least make sure it’s on silent before class begins, do not leave it on vibrate. It’s best to leave it on silent in your purse or bag. Checking your phone during class is really distracting and robs you of being fully committed to your time on the mat. 


Arrive 10-15 minutes early for every class. This allows plenty of time to settle in, get centered, and prepare for practice. Unroll your mat quietly, so as not to disturb students who are already there. If you do get there late (it happens) take a spot at the back of the room. 


Be aware of your space. When the last-minute stragglers file in, you’ll often see them scanning the room for a strategic spot to roll out their mat. Be neighborly by making room for them, if it’s available.


Minimize conversation while class is taking place. It’s totally fine to catch up with friends before and after class, but give yourself the hour of practice

to be fully present. 


Place your mat and props neatly back where you found them at the end of class. If you borrowed a mat or block from the studio, wipe it down before putting it away. Leaving your space as clean as you found it is respectful to the studio and students in later classes.

If you're new to the studio or practice...

The studio will be brand new and I’m sure many of you will be new to the practice. You might be wondering what it’s going to be like when you attend your first class. I've put together some tips to help ease any worry you might experience walking into class for the first time.


The first thing you want to do is keep an open mind and let go of self-judgment. Showing up to practice for the first time can be intimidating and that’s okay. Just show up to experience the class and teacher. All of us at Wild Vinyasa Yoga pride ourselves in creating a welcoming and safe space. It’s easy to focus on what you can’t do during class, let those thoughts go and stay focused on what you can do. Do your best to focus on the fact that you’re giving back to your body, mind, and spirit in a nurturing way.


For your first class, you will want to come early and prepared. You’ll be asked to sign a waiver so plan to arrive at least 20 minutes before class begins. This will give you time to sign in, fill out the waiver, use the restroom, and settle in. If you have any preexisting injuries this is a great time to talk to the teacher and let them know so that they are able to assist you with care during the practice.


What should you wear? Comfort is key! You want to wear anything that allows you to move. There will be a lot of movement and times of stillness. You want to wear something that you can stretch in, something that feels supportive, and not revealing. Try to avoid applying any lotions before you attend so that your hands don’t slip on the mat. 


What should you bring? If you have a yoga mat, bring it. If you don’t own a mat, no worries. The studio will be equipped with everything that you need to practice at no additional charge. A water bottle (re-usable is always best) is a must have. The studio will have a free water station for you to fill up. If you forget your water bottle, the water station will have stainless steel cups for you to borrow. 


Three final tips for beginners: Don’t be afraid to fall, be patient with yourself, and stay for, and enjoy, savasana.


There is a likelihood that you will teeter and possibly fall out of a pose during your first class. Everyone does! When it happens, shake it off, and try again. Patience is key. Remember, yoga is simply a practice! Be at ease with yourself, don’t force things, and do your best to stay positive. Savasana, also known as corpse pose, it's the final relaxing pose. It's considered one of the most important and restorative postures in the practice. Think of it as one final opportunity to rest your body. Trust me, you don’t want to leave before savasana. If you have to leave class early, please let the teacher know, position yourself close to the door, and be sure to leave before it begins.